Welcome to Peaceplace.

Zubinwebsite2Greetings of Peace and Light.
On this website I would like to share something with you. About twenty years ago I came into contact with Universal Sufism. This helped me greatly and gave me a way of working with myself ... with the small things in life and in times of greater challenges. Of course I don't know what your path is. And just the experience of reading how others have found their was can be a support in times when we are searching for ... change ... deepening ... for something that we are missing and can't find the words for can be a support. So ... be welcome. Have a look around.
There are various meetings of meditation, dance and 'being' in different places. You can find these under agenda or links.

I wish you all the best. I wish you that you may find your way to your own fulfilment. That you may feel the blessing you are ... for yourself, and for the world around you. May you feel Love, Peace and Joy.