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Dansen van Universele Vrede

Singing and moving together. Experiencing mantra's and holy texts from various spiritual traditions together.

This Dance form came through Murshid (spiritual teacher) Samuel L. Lewis toward the end of the 60's. He is shown dancing below, the middle photo. He received these Dances as a tool towards creating peace between the different religions. Samuel L. Lewis was the founder of the Dances and of the Sufi Ruhaniat International. For more information on the Dances or the Sufi Ruhaniat International see these websites: and

As we sing we experience the Unity in Diversity of religions, texts, languages, movements and melodies and in the vibrations of our own voices. These Dances have also been called Meditation in Movement. For me they are also a form of healing. As we sing these holy mantras our voices caress us inwardly which helps us to release old blockades and move on in life.

No Dance or singing experience necessary, just the desire to join in and experience the Unity in diversity.