Sound Soul Healing



Sound Soul Healing
A Sacred Mantric Journey into the Healing and Transformation
of the Divine Feminine

I offer great thanks and love to my life partner John for all his help and support
in this production and in my work
and to all my teachers.
Special thanks and love to
Murshida Mariam Baker
and Pir Shabda Kahn." alt="page5image2121135440" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">


Introduction 3 Using Sound Soul Healing 4 Prayers 5

1 Mantra to Sri Saraswati for Spiritual Knowledge 7 2 Mantra to Lakshmi for purification of the Ego 9 3 Mantra to Ma Kaali – Divine Transformation

& Ultimate Truth 11 4 Mantras from the 1,000 names for the Divine Mother-

Divine Healing & removal of dangers 12 5 Aum Shanti – Peace in ourselves and in the World 13

Bija sounds 14 Navaratri 15 Practising 16 Personal Sound Soul Healing Sessions 17 About the recording 18 About Zubin Nur 19 Prayer 21 Bibliography 22" alt="page6image2124419728" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">


This CD is a recording of a Sound Soul Healing session. The mantras are full of blessing and have been used in India for Praise, Enlightenment and Healing for more than 5,000 years. The melodies are not originally from India but came to me as the mantras came alive in my heart.

Since 1997 I have realized I am clairaudient. This means I can hear things which are heard by the inner ear or if you will through the heart. This often happens when I read prayers or mantras, poetry or inspiring texts. Then I hear how they “sing”. This has developed into Sound Soul Hea- ling and hearing songs and texts which will be presented in a series of CDs of inspirational songs called “Reflections”.

Thank you for buying this CD. It is a recording of my inspi- ration & work and I would ask you, please, if you want to share this music with someone else ~ contact me & order another CD, & please do not make copies. It takes an ama- zing amount of time and energy to produce music and in buying the CD there is an exchange of energy. In this way I am able to continue my work of receiving and sharing inspiring and healing music." alt="page7image2124607488" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">


Using Sound Soul Healing

To use this recording as a “Sound Soul Healing Session”: make yourself a comfortable, warm nest to relax in. Make sure you have a least an hour (preferably an hour and a half) undisturbed . This also means pulling out the telepho- ne plug and switching off the mobile. You too have a right to time for yourself, undisturbed.

Lie or sit down in your ‘nest’ and just let the sounds wash over you. You may want to use headphones (to cut out as much local distraction as possible). Or by playing it on the stereo you can let the waves of the music wash over your whole body ~ inside and out. Listen to your heart and do as your intuition tells you, this is ALWAYS best.

May the Mantras strengthen you in achieving all you desire. Just one small reminder here, REMEMBER that you are not calling specifically to a deity that is ‘elsewhere’. Part of the power of mantric repetition is the discovery that all these qualities are already present in us.

The mantras work at a very deep level, take time to rest and ‘re-gather’ after the singing has finished. You could underestimate their power ... be gentle with yourself." alt="page8image2119959456" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">

4" alt="page9image2121991184" width="344.406000" height="522.425000">

Merged in the One
The Unity of All in All,
Merged in embodied Oneness
The Unity of body, mind and heart, Merged in the One

that ever was, that ever is, that ever will be

Without distinction or separation Merged in the One" alt="page9image2122020160" width="89.999960" height="51.999351">

5" alt="page10image2122067696" width="329.225000" height="483.097574">


1 Honouring Ma Saraswati

Eim Eem shreem kreem saw kreem hreem Eim bloom streem neelatari Saraswati Dram dreem kreem bloom saw
Eim hreem streem kleem saw saw hreem Swaha

This is like a freight train mantra of bija (seed sounds) to the Goddess Saraswati and to other Goddesses and Gods. She is the Goddess of music, education and spiritual knowledge. This mantra could be understood as doorway to increasing spiritual insight and spiritual wisdom.

This insight and wisdom is all already in you, you only need the tools to help you to access it.

The other Goddesses and Gods called upon to support this work are her partner Brahma, Kali, Shiva and Lakshmi. Her partner brings a balance in the feminine and masculine energies. Kali and Shiva bring the power for transforma- tion. Lakshmi the Auspicious Goddess of Abundance., that there may be an opening and that all may flow smoothly and in abundance." alt="page11image2123494128" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">

7" alt="page12image2122430944" width="278.102155" height="494.693708">


2 Honouring Maha Lakshmi

Aum Maha Lakshmicha veedmahay Vishnu patneecha deemahee Tanno Lakshmi prachodayat

This mantra is to Maha Lakshmi, most Auspicious Goddess of Abundance and Affluence. All of creation flows from her all encompassing being.
In this mantra she is called upon to purify the personality and raise awareness to her high level of understanding.

It is a mantra which can help you return to your own pure state of being. That which you had when you first came to this world and which was forgotten as you grew into and experienced this world.

This mantra supports you in making space for Sacred Wisdom and that you may be open to receive it as it flows eternally toward you in abundance." alt="page13image2122189920" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">

9" alt="page14image2122262464" width="331.000000" height="519.999985">


3 Honouring Ma Kaali

Aum kleem shreem kreem Aadya Kalika Param Eshwari Swaha

Ma Kaali is the Goddess of transformation. We call on her magnificent powers affirming all is change, nothing stays the same and inviting her to help us clear out all the un- necessary ‘baggage’ so that we may be clear and open for Divine Inspiration.

She is a wild and wonderful Goddess. She knows no res- pect for polite manners and formalities. She cuts straight through the rubbish we carry (and may even be attached to) so cleansing the way to the pure essence of our being.

In this mantra she is called upon in Her embodiment of the Highest Divine Truth (param Eswari). Change is one of the forms of the highest Truth as nothing remains the same and all is constantly changing.

She will support and guide you as you ask for healing and change. Change will come and not always in the form you expect. Beware of what you ask for ~ you may get it!!!" alt="page15image2125575856" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">


4 Shri Mata for Divine protection, healing and clearing

Shri Mata
Sarvapad vinivarini Swaha

Sri Mata – she who is the Ultimate Mother, embodying
all aspects of being, nurturing and caring for the Whole of creation.

Sarvapad Vinivarini – she who removes all dangers.

Two of the names for the Goddess from the 1,ooo names which praise and describe the Ultimate Divine Mother.

She is recognized by Vishnu and Shiva as “The Source of all being, healing and renewing”.

It is said that the effect of this mantra cannot be descri- bed but can only be understood by using, singing, trusting and remembering it. In this way its’ powers become part of your being and healing and transformation can take place." alt="page16image2125735472" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">


5 Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Aum

For Peace in yourself, in those around you: in your family, amongst your friends and in the world as a whole. On finishing the practise we offer what we have received back to the Universe for the peace and ultimate good of the whole.

Infact just by using these mantras and letting them re- sound in you and around you, you are already empowering them and setting them to work in the Universe.

These blessed and peaceful vibrations are reinforced and strengthened by our conscious offering of all that is aus- picious in our work for the good of the whole. This is al- ways so, and it is amplified and strengthened by conscious intention." alt="page17image2125880352" width="89.999779" height="51.999000">


Bija (seed sounds)

Many may be familiar with the Om sound from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. This is the ultimate and primary seed sound. Often pronounced as AUM, with the ‘M’ re- sounding the longest. It is considered to be the sound of the Universe and of Creation.

The external world is said to be created as these seeds come to bloom and ‘perfume’ the consciousness of this sphere

Each of the Goddesses and Gods has their own seed sound. These are used in several of the mantras found in Sound Soul Healing.

klīm (kleem) - shrīm shreem) - krīm (kreem) -Eim (I’m) -hrīm (hreem) -

Bija for Ma Lakshmi Bija for Maha Shiva Bija for Ma Kali
Bija for Ma SaraswatiBija for Brahma" alt="page18image2126057872" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">


Sharad Navaratri

Navaratri or Durga puja are the names of a special festival of Goddess worship in India. At the time that Sound Soul Healing was forming I knew of Durga puja but not how it was celebrated. It is a festival of 9 days Goddess worship in the first half of the waxing moon in the month Aswin (which falls around September/ October time). Three days each for 3 Goddesses. The ritual is precisely in honour of the 3 Goddesses of the first 3 mantras of Sound Soul Hea- ling.

The first 3 days are devoted to Kaali to ask her for clean- sing and the purifying of our being.
The second 3 days are devoted to Lakshmi, the Auspicious One, to ask her to replace these negative qualities with an abundance of positiveness.

The last 3 days are devoted to Saraswati, the Goddess of Spiritual Wisdom, that She may come and bless all our practises with her Divine illumination.

I have been practising these mantras for years in a diffe- rent order. I begin with Saraswati – the first of these man- tras to sing in me. Followed by Lakshmi and Kaali. Now ha- ving found the wisdom of this Hindu ritual I offer you the opportunity to use the mantras in either order. Enjoy and feel free to find the way which works for you." alt="page19image2126263968" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">



Spiritual transformation seldom happens over night ~ though of course miracles do happen.

To support your spiritual growth and to strengthen all transformations it is useful to make time in each day to “water these seeds of transformation”. Whether it be mor- ning or evening, or both is of no account. What matters is taking the time each day to attune to your highest good ~ to ‘practise’. You could regard it as re-charging your spiri- tual batteries. Just like an ordinary battery will wear down so will any energy if you do not give it attention or ‘food’. Thich Naht Hanh (the Buddhist monk from Vietnam) talks of choosing which (inner) seeds we water. Those of anger or those of peacefulness.

Choose the time of day and the practise that suits you
best and spend it in meditation, reflection, contemplation, praying, singing or dancing. By regular practise you build up a energy/ strength in yourself and your aura Practise is just that ~ practising every day. It doesn’t say ‘perfecting’ ~ just doing ~ practising, No great sports person or ath- lete got anywhere without practise. In fact even scientists practise, they call it ‘experimenting’. And don’t hold your breath as you await your transformation(s). Follow your breath. Enjoy your breath and remember it connects you to The Whole.

You are never alone." alt="page20image2126515216" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">


Personal Sound Soul Healing Sessions

Here you have a recording of a Sound Soul Healing session. It is also possible to make an appointment for a personal session which if you choose will be recorded for you so you can take your own session home to listen to and use again.

Every session is different and the mantras have a way of ‘finding their own way” to suit the needs of the client. A personal session is a ‘live experience’ the order, tone, into- nations and overtones vary to fit the person, the situation and the time.

A personal Sound Soul Healing session costs €99,-.
It is also possible to send a photo to Zubin Nur and she will record the session done with the photo and send the recording to you. The price is €99,- plus an €5 for post and packing. Sound Soul Healing works for all beings – human and animal. It is not recommended to buy a session for so- meone else without asking their permission first, integrity invites us to ask them for their permission first." alt="page21image2126715040" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">


A word about the recording

These recordings have been made simply with a digital recorder in the Sufi Centre in Den Haag. Hence with sen- sitive hearing you may hear a car, birds, the clock of the Peace Palace or other sounds in the background. I apo- logise to music lovers who appreciate the perfection of
a recording studio. Part of the inspiration for this work is that it is part of life. I have made many, many recor- dings of these mantras (including a couple of recordings in a studio) before I have been satisfied with a recording, enough to use it on the CD. This is the recording that re- sounds the most in my heart.

Life is going on in and around the mantras all the time, and they are ever resonating in the Whole. Even though we cannot hear them, they are all around us all the time and in this way they are an integral part of life. So I trust you will be able to tune into the Power of the Mantras and smile as life happens in the background.

Their power is a great blessing both for you and for The Whole as you awaken these vibrations into being and par- ticipating in you, in your life and in this earthly plane. Enjoy! I wish you Love, Healing Light and Peace," alt="page22image2126932928" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">


Zubin Nur
Zubin Nur is an artist, singer/songwriter, spiritual teacher, personal coach and workshop, retreat and Dance Leader within the traditions of Sufi Ruhaniat International and the Dances of Universal Peace. She is also inspired by the po- wer of ritual.
She has introduced the International day of Peace as an open interfaith and intercultural gathering in Arnhem where she lives. Through this activity a Peace Pole was donated and she liaised with the local council to find a place in the town centre where the pole could be placed.
In November 2007 it was placed in the Musis Sacrum Park, Arnhem. Zubin Nur has made a commitment to keep the International Day of Peace (21st September) on the agenda

in Arnhem. This gathering is held with an open invitation for all people from all the various traditions and spiritual and religious paths to come and take part. Offering wha- tever inspiration from their tradition they feel will make a contribution toward peace. There are usually contributions from the Sufi, Druid and Bahai paths." alt="page23image2127130416" width="261.000015" height="196.000000">


Come join us in Musis Sacrum Park on September 21st look on Zubin- Nur’s website for information.

As well as holding the concentration of Peace she also works with Western Sufism, the Dances of Universal Peace and various rituals inclu- ding the Absent Healing Ritual.

Zubin Nur also leads and empowers others to hold and lead rituals. Many people have been disappointed in the traditional religious paths, now there is a growing insight into the value of ritual. One of
Zubin Nur’s talents is the ability to bring people of varying faiths and beliefs together in a safe space where they can join their energies to bless and welcome a baby or child, to bid farewell to a relation or friend, or to celebrate rites of passage.

She is also an initiate of the Dervish Healing Order and a Cheraga (light bearer) within the Sufi Ruhaniat International.

See the websites and for more information on her work." alt="page24image2127305936" width="90.000000" height="52.000000">

20" alt="page25image2127380320" width="358.961000" height="523.276148">

May you be ever more awakened to the Inspiration of the One The Unity of Feminine and Masculine in you and around you.




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All rights reserved, sold subject to the condition that it shall not by way of trade or otherwise, be hired out, copied or circulated, without the prior permission of ZubinNur.


Track 1: Sri Mata



Track 2: I am the anicient one




Track 3: Saraswati Mantra and Dance



Track 4: Inannah Ereshkigal