Universal Worship

~ Songs and Dances of Celebration, Meditation and Worship ~


Universal Worship

Here you will find the music and if you click on the link more information from the CD “Universal Worship”. One of the most important  considerations in Universal Sufisme for me is the Universal Worship, the honouring and celebrating of all the various paths. In nearly every meeting I offer I endeavour to include Dances, mantras, prayers and/ or practises from the various Wisdom Paths… maybe they don’t all get used in one meeting, in the heart they are all Dancing with us.  Because this is so important to me I decided to make a CD of Dances and melodies that have danced through me over the years.

Enjoy listening and dancing.


Bekijk hier het boekje behorende bij de CD Universal Worship.


1. Invocation of Universal Sufism 

Track 1: Invocation of Universal Sufism


 2. Toward the One

Track 2: Tward the One


 3. Ubuntu (African tradition)

Track 3: Ubuntu


4. Tat vam asi (Hindu tradition)

Track 4: Tat vam asi


 5. Maha Kali (Hindu tradition)

Track 5: Maha Kali


 6. SitaRam (Hindu tradition)

Track 6: Sita Ram>


  7. Om Mane Peme Hung (Buddhist tradition)


Track 7: Om Mane Peme Hung


 8. Tara Dance (Buddhist tradition)

Track 8: Tara Dance


 9. All Hail Ahura (Zoroastrische traditon)

Track 9: All Hail Ahura


10. Elohai Neshema (Jewish tradition) 

Track 10: Elohai Neshema


 11. Shema Israel (Jewish tradition)

Track 11: Shema Israel


 12. Hic Locus Santus Est (Christian tradition)

Track 12: Hic Locus Sanctus Est


13. Migration Zikr (Islamic tradition) 

Track 13: Migration Zikr


 14. Qudous Qudous Allah Hayy (Islamic tradition)

Track 14: Qudous Qudous Allah Hayy


 15. Allah Allah Hu Ya Allah (Islamic tradition)

Track 15: Allah Allah HU Ya Allah