Teabag Wisdom

and more inspirations from everyday life


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Teabag Wisdom

Well, after the CD Universal Worship there were still many songs, melodies and Dances that were not on that CD… so…. because some of the songs came after reading the wisdom sayings on the tags of teabags (Yogi Tea)… this CD followed quickly on the heels of Universal Worship.

Enjoy listening and Dancing.

1. Wake up in the mornin' with the Goddess

Track 1: Wake wp in the mornin with the Goddes


2. Holy Goddess living in me 

Track 2: Holy Goddess Livin In Me


3. We are tears born in the eyes of God 

Track 3: We are tears born In the eyes of God


 4. Vrede is in ieder hart

Track 4: Vrede zit in ieder hart


5. Shadow and Light 

Track 5: Shadow and Light


6. Allah's me and Allah's you 

Track 6: Allah's Me & Allah's You


7. O there's life and death 

Track 7: O There's Life and Death


8. All that's flowin' to you... 

Track 8: All that's Flowin


9. Oponopono Song 

Track 9: Oponopono Song


10. When you wake-up 

Track 10: When you wake-up


11. Love = Here 

Track 11: Love = Here


12. Ya Shakur 

Track 12: Ya Shakur


13. Bismillah Ya Salamo 

Track 13: BISMILLAH Ya Salomo


14. Let go, let be 

Track 14: Let Go Let Be


15. Love is a two-way street 

Track 15: Love is a Two-Way Street


16. Hu - you 

Track 16: Hu = you


17. From the unreal to the real 

Track 17: From the unreal to the real



18. When I sing I sing to Allah 

Track 18: When I sing I sing to Allah